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Global Strain Rate Map Project:  Rotated Geodetic Vectors

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Please give proper credit to results

Caveat Emptor!

The GPS geodetic vectors that you will be downloading below have been rotated from the original study's reference frame into a best-fit model reference frame in the GSRM model. That is, in the process of seeking a single self-consistent model velocity field we solve for a rigid body rotation, for each study, that places the GPS vectors into optimal alignment with the model velocity field. The rotation applied to each study can be found in the accompanying GSRM file rotation_vector_studies_PA.dat. If you are interested in the original data in the original form (original frame of reference), then please refer to the published studies of the geodetic references. The rigid body rotation added to each data set does not affect the relative motions between points within each data set, which define the strain rates. However, the relative motions between different studies (since this is defined by the frame of reference) may have been altered. For example, study A and study B may both be within a Eurasian reference frame, but due to differences in how that frame was realized, there may be inconsistencies at co-located sites. In the GSRM model rigid body rotations would be applied to both study A and B to place them into a best-fit single frame, which is a model result from this GSRM study. This model result may or may not improve the estimate of the original reference frame. This caveat is provided so that users will not confuse the vectors with the original vectors published or presented in the original papers. That is, the vectors you will be downloading are the original vectors plus an added rigid body rotation to those vectors.

Rotated GPS Geodetic Vectors by Reference Frame:

in GMT psvelo format (all files are about 0.3 Mb, or 75-80 kb compressed)

no net rotation    (.Z) Cocos    (.Z) Philippine Sea    (.Z)
Amuria    (.Z) Eurasia    (.Z) Rivera    (.Z)
Anarctica    (.Z) India    (.Z) Scotia    (.Z)
Anatolia    (.Z) Juan de Fuca    (.Z) Somalia    (.Z)
Arabia    (.Z) Nazca    (.Z) South China    (.Z)
Australia    (.Z) North America    (.Z) South America    (.Z)
Capricorn    (.Z) Nubia    (.Z) Sunda    (.Z)
Caroline    (.Z) Okhotsk    (.Z) Tarim    (.Z)
Caribbean    (.Z) Pacific    (.Z)  

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